Sproat Lake has always been a residential lake, and it’s no surprise why. The 25km long lake encompassed by mountain ranges and old growth trees, makes for an ideal place to settle down. The houses and properties around the lake not only offer spectacular views, but a serene sense of calm takes over the moment you turn off the highway.

Living on the lake brings the best of the West Coast; lush green forests, calm waters, and mountain views. The houses along the lake comprise West Coast living; out one window the serene lake, another window frames the natural beauty of the forests, and yet another taking in the magnificent mountains.

A Sproat Lake Official Community Plan was created in 2005 and again in 2014 to help plan and prepare for growth of the Sproat Lake community; this plan looks at everything from a Community Vision, Agriculture, Environmental Conservation, Employment, Tourism, Heritage, and Residential Living. A lot of thought has gone into the Sproat Lake community over the years, ensuring that all the boxes have been ticked for everyone that decides to settle down here.

Sproat Lake Homes

The types of houses most commonly found on Sproat lake are single family homes, either as cozy bungalows or gorgeous estates with breathtaking views. These homes are often built in traditional West Coast styles, utilizing wood accents, warm wood fireplaces, and tons of natural light. Living on the West Coast can often feel rugged, with outdoor elements brought inside, adding a rustic yet cozy touch to a space. Huge windows are a feature found in many of the homes surrounding Sproat Lake, to further bring the beautiful outdoors inside.

You can choose to live at Sproat Lake year round or as your favourite destination home. The on-season, or the summer months, are the most popular with locals and tourists alike; the lake offers a picturesque place to cool off during the hot August heat. Off-season, or fall to spring, is less popular, which offers a relaxing and quiet place to hibernate for the winter. Port Alberni is a short 15 minute drive and has all the basic amenities you might need.

Many of the properties around Sproat Lake are equipped with a private dock for you to house your boat or use during the busy summer months. Having a private dock will come in handy during the busy summer months, as you’ll never need to worry about finding the perfect spot to spend a day at the lake!

There are also opportunities to buy land and build your dream home at the lake. Properties range in size and location, and Sproat Lake has strict rules in their Community Plan to keep residents and the surrounding environment safe and enjoyable for all.

Living at Sproat Lake is perfect for anyone, whether you have a family, are retired, or are looking for somewhere to stay during the summer months.

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