Sproat Lake is the ideal summer destination, with over 25km of lake and 90km of shoreline, it offers an abundance of recreational activities for all ages and fitness levels. From nature trails, mountain hikes, and biking, to houseboats, paddle boarding, kayaking, or fishing, there is an activity for everyone. Spending time at the lake is a part of the Valley lifestyle, especially during the warm summer months. Sproat Lake summer recreation activities, makes it the ideal place to spend time in the summer!

Provincial Parks

Sproat Lake is well known for its Provincial Parks; Fossli Provincial Park, Sproat Lake Provincial Park, and Taylor Arm Provincial Park. The three parks provide different landscapes and activities at each, but the commonality between them all is the gorgeous lake.

Fossli Provincial Park is ideal for the nature lover looking for an easy hike. Located on the Stirling Arm of Sproat Lake, Fossli is a beautifully preserved forest full of birch, ferns, and evergreen trees, all covered in a magnificent layer of moss. The trial offers spectacular waterfalls, magical forests, a calming creek, and a secluded beach perfect for a mid-hike dip. This is an ideal location for a picnic lunch followed by a swim in the lake. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, this is a must-see destination.

This side of the Lake offers a public dock, called Dickson Dock, which is perfect for paddleboarders, kayakers, or canoers that have their own equipment. Parking is along the street and there is a slight hill to walk down to get to the lake, but it’s a fantastic place to spend the afternoon hanging out in the water.

Sproat Lake Provincial Park

Sproat Lake Provincial Park is best for camping, swimming, and checking out the local Petroglyphs. Located directly off Hwy 4 heading towards Tofino, this is the most popular destination for days spent at the lake. A short walk from the parking lot and you will find plenty of places to relax by the water. Further along the path you’ll find the Sproat Lake Petroglyphs that were etched onto the rock wall by the Nootka people tell a story of an ancient sea creature that used to inhabit the lake. Sproat Lake Landing is within the Provincial Park, offering boat access to those who need it.

Taylor Arm Provincial Park

Taylor Arm Provincial Park offers group camping sites and ideal beach access. The beach is located across from the historic Battleship Island, which is well known in Indigenous culture as the Island where many First Nations died protecting their land. Taylor Arm also includes a short walking path, secluded beaches, and perfect swimming conditions.

Sproat Lake Summer Recreation

Along Sproat Lake are companies that provide houseboats, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards for rent, ideal for those that don’t have their own equipment but want to spend time on the water. These companies are primarily located on the Stirling Arm side of Sproat Lake and offer something for everyone. The Fish & Duck also provides many of these rentals including houseboats, and ski boats.

Skiing, knee boarding, tubing and wake boarding over the years have become a very popular sport on the lake during the summer months. Whether you’re looking for a rush of excitement, or a cool dip on a summer day, Sporat Lake provides it all. With all the arms, and different areas to explore you’ll never have ‘seen it all.’ Sporat Lake is home to the ‘Ski / Wake Boarding Club’ where you can gather with other like-minded adventure seekers of all ages; from learning to competitions, throughout the summer they have different camps and groups for everyone and every level.

Sproat Lake is the perfect place to spend the summer. The water warms up by mid July and stays warm into September. It’s easy to spend a couple hours, couple days, or all year long enjoying this beautiful lake.

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