Up to the 1950’s Sproat lake was well known for a desirable place to have a summer cabin. Since then the lake has begun to attract permanent residents living and enjoying the lake year round. This trend has continued over the years and now Sproat Lake is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the Alberni Valley; from locals to new residents relocating to the area, the lake seems to rank number one on many’s list. Hear from many Sproat Lake Residents below.

Sproat Lake attracts people from every stage of life; from young families to retired seniors. No matter where you are in your life, being a resident on Sproat Lake becomes not just a place to call home but a lifestyle.

A long time local Port Alberni resident, but new Sproat Lake resident Stephanie Wakelin put it this way, “I moved to sproat lake because I love the outdoors, not only is the lake just steps away, so are many trails and places to explore. I love the peaceful and quietness that comes with living at sproat lake.”

Taking some time to explore why people choose to make the move to the lake, and found many different reasons. The most consistent response was simply, “Because it’s Sproat Lake.” Like in a simple name it explains everything you need to know. The lake has grown a reputation over the years as a desirable place to live. Many locals have grown up on the lake and just never leave, or others spend their childhood summers at the lake and vow to return. For many people there is something magically about waking up and looking out onto the lake every morning. A place separated from the hussle of everyday life, but yet just minutes from town and all the amenities you’ll need.

Cynthia Bonesky grew up at the lake, later returning to retire there with her husband.

“It was just a wonderful home up here in the summer, which my kids had,” Bonesky said. “It’s great if you live in a place where your grandchildren actually want to visit.”

When you’re exploring the lake and meeting many of the residents; you’ll find families playing on the beach, adults sunbathing getting some much needed rest and relaxation, grandparents watching generation after generation swim in the same waters below. A term frequently used by lake residents is ‘dock hopping.’ During the summer months residents cruise the lake, dock to dock, to see who is outside enjoying the day. It is the way many residents socialize, and the lake becomes like family. Everyone becomes to know your ‘dock.’

Locals on the lake spend much of their summer exploring the lake. A boat is a must have when you’re living on the lake. With just a boat ride away you can explore many beaches, trails and waterfalls that are only available by boat. Also just a boat ride away  is fuel, a liquor store, and a pub / restaurant on the water.

Whoever you are or wherever you come from, Sproat Lake is a lifestyle for everyone. A place to enjoy year round, meet other locals, and enjoy the magic of the lake together.

VALLEY VIBEMegan Warrender is the founder and publisher of the local community Valley Vibe magazine here In Port Alberni. Megan was borned in Port Alberni, and still continues to call this her hometown where she now raises her two children. Megan’s passion is to uncover and show people the treasures of our valley, and why she continues to live in and love this community. Megan is a connector, and loves to teach people ways to grow and nurture relationships, whether business or personal. She works with individuals all over North America sharing simple but effective systems to grow their business and circle of influence.

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