Waterfalls are some of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world, and we’re lucky enough to be home of some beautiful waterfalls right here on Sproat Lake.

First on our list is the beautiful and lush Fossli Provincial Park. Travelling towards Sproat Lake, make a left onto McCoy Lake Road, left onto Stirling Arm Drive, left onto Ash Main, and right onto Stirling Arm Road, after about 4km the trailhead will be on your right hand side. Park as far over as possible to allow others access. Access to this trail does require driving on logging roads, so please be aware and always give logging trucks the right of way. Once you’ve parked, follow the road down the hill, staying left until you reach the trailhead. Fossli Park is a 3.4km easy trail with 93m elevation gain. The waterfall is downstream from the suspension bridge across the creek. The waterfall travels down the rocky and moss covered creek, with a magnitude of ferns and trees on either side. Fossli Park is truly a magical place to explore with beautiful views of Sproat Lake, birch and old growth trees, ferns, and a lush layer of moss covering almost every surface. Perfect for kids and dogs, this is the perfect hike for the entire family.

Snow Creek is located just on the other side of two rivers, which is home to a beautiful waterfall. Depending on what time of year you go the fall will look different with lush fresh water flowing from it. This cannot be accessed by boat, but by car either by the turn on from the Ski Club entrance, or the end of taylor arm around the backside of the lake down the logging road. Before careful well traveling this road, as it is an active logging road. This waterfall can be driven right too, and its easy access for the whole family. Enjoy the sights, just a hop skip and a jump behind the lake.

Let’s head further down Sproat Lake to Weiner Falls, located across Hwy 4 from the Sproat Lake Landing Resort, stay right after you turn off the highway and head up a short hill, turn left down a logging road, park just before the bridge off the road and start walking along the road to the right just before the bridge. This trail is an easy/moderate 3.9km hike with 145m elevation gain. As you head up the hill along the road, you’ll be met with a fork where you can stay on the logging road or travel along the trail. After about 1km the trail will veer left, down towards the lower falls, offering swimming at the very bottom of the falls and a beautiful view from the top. You can either stop there (highly suggested if you have small children), or head back up the trail towards the upper falls. There is a section of trail that travels along a steep cliff with a rope along the mountain wall, but the views are well worth it. Carry on until you reach the upper falls and enjoy the waterfall and views for a while, before heading back the way you came. The lower falls is great for kids of all ages, but the upper falls is better reserved for older kids. Dogs are allowed, but please keep them on leash.

This is a quick list of the top three most popular, and easy to access waterfalls located on Sproat Lake. We want to remind you that if you’re exploring these areas to always respect our beautiful wildlife; pack out what you bring in, take pictures instead of things, stay on the trails, and safely enjoy yourself. We hope you enjoy these waterfalls as much as we do!

VALLEY VIBEWritten by Megan Warrender and Nicole Brazzale, at the Valley Vibe. Port Alberni’s fast growing community and online magazine. The passion here at the Valley Vibe is to showcase the beautiful of our valley for all who live here, and travel through. Working together with many talented writers, we at the Valley Vibe love to explore, discover and uncover secret jewels about Port Alberni and Sproat Lake.

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