Camping at Sproat Lake

Camping at Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake is the ideal summer destination for locals and tourists alike; visitors come from all over Vancouver Island and the world to visit our breathtaking lake and enjoy the comfort of West Coast living. Sproat Lake offers two beautiful Provincial Campsites to choose from, depending on the section of lake you’re most attracted to; Sproat Lake Provincial Park or Taylor Arm Provincial Park.

Camping at Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake Provincial Campsite contains upper and lower camping options and is open for year round camping. The upper campsite is located on the right of Hwy4 coming from Port Alberni heading West towards Tofino. Turning right onto Great Central Road will take you right to the upper campsite which contains 44 sites complete with all the amenities provincial parks provide; bathrooms, showers, water (there is currently a water boil notice in effect for this area), picnic tables, cleared camping pads, fire pits, and firewood for sale. The campsites are surrounded by trees and foliage which offer a comfortable amount of privacy.

There is something truly magical about camping on the West Coast, especially Vancouver Island. The West Coast, with all its forests, especially old growth forests, provides a special sense of calm for those visiting. The forest, foliage, wildlife, and natural beauty feels safe and protective. The early morning sun glimmering through the trees into your tent almost in time the many bird songs, peacefully wakes you up each morning. There is nothing better than sitting by the fire with a hot cup of coffee listening to the orchestra of Robins, Eurasian Collared-Doves, Chicadies, and Canadian Geese as the breeze calmly moves through the forest.

Lower Campsites at Sproat Lake

The lower campsites at Sproat Lake Provincial Park can be accessed by a trail connecting the upper and lower sites, or by car heading west on Hwy 4 and making a left turn at the Provincial Park sign, followed by another left, which will take you to the campsite and lake. The lower campsite contains 15 campsites, bathrooms, showers, water (there is currently a water boil notice in effect), picnic tables, cleared camping pads, fire pits, and firewood for sale. The lower campsite also has an added benefit of being just off the water, which is perfect for an early morning dip to wake up, or an evening dip to cool off before bed. There is also a boat launch located just past the campsites.

Sproat Lake Activities

Sproat Lake Provincial Park is fantastic for all ages. You can take a short walk to view Petroglyphs from thousands of years ago, depicting the lake as the First Nations saw it, or you can check out the water bombers which have called Sproat Lake home for many years. The beaches on this section of the lake are a combination of rocks and sand, with plenty of space to choose from, you’ll be able to find your ideal beach spot for the day. You can rent stand up paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks from local companies in Port Alberni, or from the Fish and Duck located on the eastern side of the lake. Blow up your floaties, grab some snacks, and enjoy blissful days spent in the sun.

Camping at Sproat Lake

Taylor Arm Camping

Taylor Arm Provincial Park has been primarily used for group camping, but they have since changed their accommodations to host single family campers due to the pandemic. Taylor arm is located at the western most region of Sproat Lake; coming from Port Alberni on Hwy 4 it is a right hand turn at Taylor Arm Provincial Park, where you’ll find a parking lot used for beach access, and the campsite is up a gravel road. These campsites offer bathroom and water service. From the campsite and parking lot there is a trail that travels under the highway towards the Lake following Clutesi Creek.

Beach access at Taylor Arm is slightly less busy than Sproat Lake Provincial Park. The beach is mainly rocks, with lots of shady places to relax at. There are also less boaters in this area of the lake, making it an ideal swimming location. The beach is directly across from Battleship Island which contains a rich history with the Hupacasath First Nations. There’s nothing better than going back and forth between the beach and the lake; cooling off with a quick swim before relaxing with a good book and soaking up the sun.

Sproat Lake Summers

Sproat Lake is an ideal summer destination. By mid July the lake has warmed up to a comfortable temperature that will cool you off in the hot summer weather, but won’t leave you shivering. Being so close to Port Alberni, less than a 20 minute drive, means that you’ll have easy access to essentials while still feeling like you’ve escaped into the wilderness. Once you’ve experienced Sproat Lake, you’ll make it a priority to visit at least once a year!

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