Sproat Lake Landing Resort

Sproat Lake Landing – Past and Present

Sproat Lake Landing is located just off the Pacific Rim Hwy, midway down Lakeshore Road. Coming off of the water, a long dock leads up to a resort-like, luxury hotel, an upscale waterfront restaurant and lounge, a café and most recently a small grocery store. During the summer months, there is also a taco truck […]

5 Ways to Keep Moving at Sproat Lake This fall

Crystal clear waters surrounded by lush forest and tall mountains, Sproat Lake is an ideal location to get some movement in while spending time in nature. Movement in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Let’s explore our top 5 ways to keep moving at Sproat Lake this fall! Top 5 Ways to […]

Explore Sproat Lake

Wildlife at Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake is nestled in the Alberni Valley and is home to a range of wildlife including many species of birds, beavers, black bears, salmon, three types of deer, and elk. Sproat Lake and the surrounding areas are diverse ecosystems of plants and animals that intersect with humans on a daily basis, allowing residents a […]

Online House Shopping, Virtual

Online House Shopping

Finding your dream home has gone virtual over the past couple years, and for good reason. House hunting is a lengthy and involved process, requiring a lot of travel, time, and energy. Utilising the online space has become the way of the future in home buying, saving time and making the entire process easier. Where […]

Water Sports on Sproat Lake

Water Sports on Sproat Lake 

With over 300km of beautifully forested shoreline, Sproat Lake offers plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their favourite water activities like fishing, swimming, and other water sports on Sproat Lake. While the entire lake is available for whatever water activities you enjoy, most water sports take place on the south western section of the […]

History from the bottom of Sproat Lake

History from the bottom of Sproat Lake

Steamboats served many purposes over the years, but when they originally came into play in the 19th century, they were primarily used to connect waterside communities with the rest of the world. The Swan did just that for the Alberni Valley, carrying passengers, supplies, and mail, up and down the Inlet, connecting places like Bamfield […]

Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake: The Best Place to be this Summer

Sproat Lake is one of the best places to spend these hot summer days, and we know this, because people come from all over the world to experience our beautiful lake.  The Best Swimming Holes If this is your first summer on Vancouver Island or the Alberni Valley, it can feel daunting checking out the […]

Camping at Sproat Lake

Camping at Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake is the ideal summer destination for locals and tourists alike; visitors come from all over Vancouver Island and the world to visit our breathtaking lake and enjoy the comfort of West Coast living. Sproat Lake offers two beautiful Provincial Campsites to choose from, depending on the section of lake you’re most attracted to; […]

Sproat Lake to the West Coast

Sproat Lake to the West Coast

Sproat Lake is nestled between the vibrant Port Alberni Valley and the expansive West Coast. The journey from Sproat Lake to the West Coast is a winding and beautiful one, covering over 100km of breathtaking forests, creeks, lakes, and mountains. Sproat Lake to the West Coast Vancouver Island is known for its old growth forests, […]

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