Sproat Lake Today and A Bit of History!

Sproat Lake is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and glorious lakes on Vancouver Island and the province of BC alike. With nearly 10,000 surface acres there is plenty of room for lake-goers to enjoy the lake year round. The lake was named after Gilbert Malcom Sproat – a business man and government agent who established the first saw mill in our Valley in 1861. Sproat Lake is also known as Keecoot, meaning “wide open” by local indigenous people who arrived in Port Alberni between 750 and 100 BCE. Indigenous people who lived near the lake did plenty of fishing and hunting as their food gathering source. Massacre Island – named after a raid that took place in 1856, was often used as a refuge for the people.

A Bit of History

Eventually, cabins and houses started to populate the shoreline of the lake and real estate began to boom. The desire to enjoy a morning coffee with a view of your own little paradise is something that will never fade, The Dave Koszegi Group is your team of experts for all this Sproat Lake! People looking to purchase in the area, there are 3 main areas to consider, all with different draw points.
  1. ·  Taylor Arm – many recreational cabins and houses – known as the “quieter” area of the lake.
  2. ·  Dog Mountain – cabins and homes in this area are only accessible by boat
  3. ·  Stirling Arm / Faber – a more populated area and has the majority of houses that people live
    in year round. Perhaps this is because this area is closest to town.

Sproat Lake Today

We are blessed to share this lake with an abundance of different wildlife species and it isn’t unusual to see a bear grabbing some lunch along the 300 kms of forested shoreline. Other wildlife who frequent the area include deer, elk, raccoons and a large range of unique birds. It’s important to keep your camera close in case you spot a picture-perfect wildlife moment – but hold onto it as the lake averages 74 metres deep and in some areas the bottom dips down to nearly 200 metres! Another fascinating view to check out is the famous petroglyphs near the Sproat Lake Provincial Park that are estimated to be 9000-12,000 years old. The site is called K’ak’awin and shows off nine ancient rock carvings available to be viewed by a short walk from the park and from a floating dock attached to the shore.
The summer months draw in tens of thousands of visitors each year to the lake. It’s noted by locals that this is the best and warmest lake to swim in – often referring to a mid-summer dip as “bath water.” There are two eateries lake side – The Fish and Duck which has been a favourite amongst boat goers to pull up, have a bite to each and a cold drink. The Fish and Duck also is home to several houseboat rentals which majestically sail around the lake all summer long, filled with happy vacationers. Sproat Lake Landing hosts a more luxury dining menu, café, food truck and hotel. A great spot for a classy lunch with a view. Other summer activities include water sports such as wakeboarding and skiing. The Sproat Lake Watersports Association hosts a wakeboard, skate and surf competition each summer and has been for nearly two decades. In addition, paddleboarding and kayaking are very popular throughout the warmer months.

Provincial Parks

There are a few different provincial parks located on the lake that provide excellent hiking and day use:
  • Sproat Lake Provincial Park: Located at the main boat launch and hosts access to the petroglyphs, public swimming area and campground.
  • Taylor Arm Provincial Park: Located on the north shore of the lake, there are a large amount of undeveloped campsites, hiking trails and provides a more secluded feel of enjoying the lake.
  • Fossli Provincial Park: Located on the Stirling Arm of the Lake, this is a beautiful hiking loop down to the waterfront. Equipped with a suspension bridge and an abundance of waterfalls.
Whether you are visiting Sproat Lake or are in the market to purchase a home, there is something waiting for you at this magical gem we are so lucky to have. The Dave Koszegi Group is your team of Sproat Lake experts!

VALLEY VIBEWritten by Stephanie Wakelin, at The Valley Vibe. Port Alberni’s fast growing community and online magazine. The passion here at the Valley Vibe is to showcase the beautiful of our valley for all who live here, and travel through. Working together with many talented writers, we at the Valley Vibe love to explore, discover and uncover secret jewels about Port Alberni and Sproat Lake.