Owning a vacation home on Sproat Lake

The Benefits of Owning a Vacation Home

Sproat Lake was recently named “Best Lake in BC” this past summer and without a doubt, it’s true. The idea of owning a home on such a pristine and luxurious lake can send anyone into a little daydream. If you aren’t interested in year-round-lake-living or perhaps you reside outside of the Valley, a vacation home could have multiple benefits for you and your family. Follow along with this blog post to explore the perks of owning a vacation property on Sproat Lake.

Long-lasting memories for you and your loved ones. This was at the top of our list because you really can’t put a price tag on genuine experiences and spending time with the ones who mean the most. Spending time at the lake with family is where hundreds of potential core memories can be made for you and your family. If you have kids, grandchildren or a large extended family, this amplifies. Through your vacation property, you are helping form a childhood full of the outdoors, adventure, water sports and appreciation for nature. With a beautiful backdrop of the lake, your home could be home to family weddings, reunions, celebrations and other exciting events that create lifelong memories for all attendees.

A home away from home.  Sometimes we all just need to get away. This doesn’t mean hopping on a plane or heading to the mainland, a little slice of paradise does not need to be that far away. With a vacation property, it’s easy to pack up for a night or the weekend and head to the lake property to relax and unwind. Life seems to slow down as soon as you hit the Pacific Rim Hwy and for many of us with busy lives, a short distance to a weekend staycation can recharge us without the stress of booking hotels and sorting out other travel details. Imagine waking up inside a lakeside home after sleeping in your bed, surrounded by your things and not having a checkout time.

Potential rental income. For those who might live a bit further or perhaps do not intend to use their vacation home during the off-season, there is the opportunity to generate a rental income from your holiday house. The rental housing market is in demand more than ever and with your property being in a very sought-after location, as a homeowner, you would have the pick of the crop for potential tenants. A bonus to being a homeowner is you can create your own contract suitable for your needs when it comes to renting out, whether a partial year rental, weekly or monthly basis or perhaps you decide to air bnb. The benefits of renting out your holiday home when you aren’t using it are that it will pay for itself and possibly generate some residual income, and you have the option to continue taking tenants or eventually move to your holiday home full-time.

A comfortable place to retire. Building off our last point, many homeowners of vacation rentals on Sproat Lake plan to retire at their estate when the time comes. The peaceful life outside of city limits is very intriguing for those who want the luxury of living in a West Coast oasis. With the idea of retirement in mind, already owning your desired place to reside simplifies planning and lets you gradually transition spaces if you choose. This also ties in with #1 where your grandkids and relatives can now visit you at “The Family Lake House”, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Purchasing a vacation or holiday property not only has the obvious benefits that come with having a lakeside home, but could also be a smart financial decision for you too.

Written by: Stephanie Wakelin