Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake: The Best Place to be this Summer

Sproat Lake is one of the best places to spend these hot summer days, and we know this, because people come from all over the world to experience our beautiful lake. 

The Best Swimming Holes

If this is your first summer on Vancouver Island or the Alberni Valley, it can feel daunting checking out the new swimming hole; especially if you’ve moved from Vancouver or elsewhere on the mainland. You may be conditioned to get to the lake as early as possible to scope out a parking spot and ideal spot on the beach; you know the ones with just the right amount of sun and shade throughout the day. Pulling up to Sproat Lake Provincial Park may leave you feeling disheartened, with cars and trucks lined up along the road leading down to the lake, but once you make it past the boat launch, you will be pleasantly surprised to see ample parking.
With over 90km of shoreline, there is always somewhere to set up for your visit to the lake, even in 40 degree weather. Whether you’re at Sproat Lake Provincial, Taylor Arm, hiking in through Fossli Provincial Park, jumping off Dickson Dock, or you’re lucky enough to live or know someone who lives on the lake, there’s guaranteed to be a spot for you to cool down. 
The Best Place to be this Summer
With a relatively rocky surface, there isn’t the mess that accompanies sandy beaches, but it definitely pays off to have a good pair of sandals or water shoes to protect your feet. The water typically stays cool until at least August, before warming up nicely, but with our most recent heatwave, the lake is sure to warm up nicely, while still offering an opportunity to cool off in this heat. 

The Best Place to be this Summer

Swimming isn’t the only thing worth doing at Sproat Lake; the lake is big enough to accommodate houseboats, speed boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and epic floaties. Bring your own or rent from local businesses at the lake and in the Alberni Valley. If you are exploring the lake in a boat, please ensure that you are looking out for those waterbound folks and keeping a safe distance from the shore. 
Sproat Lake truly is the best place to spend your summer, anytime of day. It’s fantastic to cool off in the evenings, spend hours playing and swimming, or for some early morning exercise, Sproat Lake is sure to be the best place you’ll be this summer.

Written by Nicole Brazzale, at the Valley Vibe. Port Alberni’s fast growing community and online magazine. The passion here at the Valley Vibe is to showcase the beautiful of our valley for all who live here, and travel through. Working together with many talented writers, we at the Valley Vibe love to explore, discover and uncover secret jewels about Port Alberni and Sproat Lake.

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