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5 Reasons Sproat Lake is the Best Place to Call Home

Just Five of the Many Reasons Why Sproat Lake is the Best Place to Call Home

Vancouver Island is one of the nicest places to live in British Columbia. It’s a slice of heaven complete with mountain ranges perfect for skiing, snowboarding, or hiking, old growth forests, 100 lakes, and more than 200 rivers. Among those 100 lakes, there is Sproat Lake, located just outside of Port Alberni on the way to Tofino. This might sound biased, but Sproat Lake is one of the best places to live on Vancouver Island. Here are 5 reasons why you would love to live on Sproat Lake.

  1. 1. Centrally Located.

Sproat Lake is centrally located on the Island, nestled just outside the Alberni Valley, it’s the ideal place to “live off the grid” while maintaining all the amenities of being on the grid. Port Alberni is a quick 15 minute drive for all your city needs, or carry-on to Nanaimo for a trip to the mall after a quick hour and twenty minute drive. In less than two hours you can be skiing down Mt. Washington or surfing waves in Tofino. Sproat Lake is the perfect homebase for those looking to explore and enjoy our beautiful Island.

  1. 2. Everyday will feel like a vacation.

You wake up in the morning and open your curtains to a breathtaking view of the serene lake. Your home is nestled amongst the trees and the birds chirp away happily. You gaze out the window or sit outside for your morning coffee, breathing in the fresh air and calm breeze. In the summer months you can start or end your day with a quick dip in the lake; spend days down at the beach or on the dock sipping a beverage and relaxing by the calm water. Living at Sproat Lake brings a sense of peace and tranquility that you won’t find anywhere else. Everyday feels like a vacation.

  1. 3. Love of the outdoors.

Sproat Lake is the outdoor lover’s dream. With over 25km of calm waters and dozens of hiking trails, this is the place to spend time outside. Start your days off with a swim before hiking Fossli Provincial Park, or take a leisurely paddle across the lake before having lunch at The Fish and Duck Pub. Hike up to Winer Falls for some breathtaking waterfalls. Great Central Lake is a short drive and offers hiking trails including the infamous Della Falls, BC’s 16th largest waterfall. Living at Sproat Lake is the perfect place to settle down and enjoy some nature therapy.

  1. 4. Everyone will want to visit.

If you’re looking for a home where you can host family and friends, Sproat Lake is the place to be. The summer months are prime for hosting friends and family, spending the day down at the lake or exploring local trails. Wake up early and watch the sunrise over the mountains while gently paddling along the lake. Watch the sunset and roast marshmallows, enjoying the cooler temperature of the evening. Everyone and their dog will want to visit and enjoy a peaceful getaway at the Lake.

  1. 5. Sproat Lake is absolutely beautiful.

Lastly, living on Sproat Lake means being surrounded by natural beauty year round. Dense forests that maintain their vibrant greens and rich browns through the winter, annual flowers like tulips and daffodils shoot up as spring approaches, the cool and inviting blue of the lake in the hot summer months, and bright oranges as the Maple Trees shed their leaves in the fall. Each season brings a sense of beauty, peace, and calm that can’t be beat. It is one of the most beautiful places on Vancouver Island, waking up to that beauty everyday is good for the soul. 5 Reasons Sproat Lake is the Best Place to Call Home

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should move to Sproat Lake! The community looks forward to welcoming you.

Written by Megan Warrender, at The Valley Vibe. Port Alberni’s fast growing community and online magazine. The passion here at the Valley Vibe is to showcase the beautiful of our valley for all who live here, and travel through. Working together with many talented writers, we at the Valley Vibe love to explore, discover and uncover secret jewels about Port Alberni and Sproat Lake.

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