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Spring at Sproat Lake

Spring has sprung at Sproat Lake; flowers are starting to bloom, the moss covered trees are vibrant and green, and the warmth of the sun can be felt once again. 
Sproat Lake Spring Activities Sproat Lake is beautiful year round, but springtime brings a breathtaking rebirth of the surrounding forests. Mornings are greeted by the return of blue jays, robins, and chickadees chirping away as the sun rises earlier with each day. Colour comes back to the forest as tulips, daffodils, cherry trees, and salmon berry bushes bloom, filling the air with a sweetness that only accompanies springtime. As the days grow longer and warmer the lake begins to look welcoming once again. Bundle up for an early morning paddle surrounded by forest, lake, and baby blue skies. Spring at the Lake invites us to step outside again.

Spring at Sproat Lake Surprises

Spring in the Valley is an ideal time to stretch your legs and explore local trails. The forests really do come to life this time of year, and with longer days and warmer (but not too hot) temperatures, adventure is calling. Springtime hiking means a bit more mud, getting caught in the occasional rainstorm, and experiencing some of the most amazing colours and scents. The varying shades of green pop against the dark brown ground, while bright purple salmonberry blossoms catch your eye. Waterfalls, rivers, and creeks flow quickly as the snow melts. Frogs ribbit, birds chirp, and branches crack beneath your feet as you wander through the woods. As always while exploring local trails, be bear aware; come prepared, make noise, and keep pets and children close by. 


Sproat Lake Waterfalls Best Hikes

Some of the best spring time hikes include Fossli Provincial Park, which takes you on a suspension bridge over a beautiful waterfall, through fields of ferns, moss covered trees, and a beautiful secluded beach right on Sproat Lake. If views are what you’re looking for, Weiner Falls has some spectacular lookouts of the Lake, powerful waterfalls, and is great for all levels. Waterfalls are abundant in the Alberni Valley, some of our favourites include Kitsuksis Creek, Hole in the Wall, Stokes Creek Trail, Stamp Falls, and Cold Creek Falls. If you’re looking to enjoy the lake before summer hits, this is a great time to check out the Petroglyphs or head out for some freshwater fishing, you might even catch yourself a Rainbow Trout.


The Harbour Quay in the Spring

The Alberni Valley also comes back to life in the spring, with the reopening of local restaurants and coffee stops like Porto Taco at the entrance of Harbour Quay and Off-Grid Camper Cafe at Clutesi Haven Marina. The city quickly becomes a hub of residents and tourists enjoying the sun on a clear day walking the Dike, enjoying Canal Beach, or exploring the Harbour Quay. Everyone comes alive when the sun shines; smiling faces can be seen all throughout the Valley with the arrival of spring. Sproat Lake views


We love springtime at Sproat Lake and the Alberni Valley, it’s the perfect reminder that seasons change and nothing lasts forever. What is your favourite part of spring at the Lake?

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